Who We Are

 Lockbox Services LLC is a payments processing service.  We are a service that meets your needs and helps you streamline the efficiency of your office staff’s time.  We collect payments from a PO Box, which has been established for you locally in Bowling Green, OH.   We will then process the payments, sending you, the customer, a data file with the information you need and also send an electronic file to your bank for the deposit to be recorded.  This file will be in Check 21 format with the IRD’s ready to be sent to the Federal Reserve.

Customers will have access to a secured website to download files and reports, view the images of the items that make up the deposit, also view any backup documentation that has been imaged.  These items will be available online for a limited time.  Another option available is to have the items archived and burned to a CD monthly or quarterly.  Items can be researched and printed from the CD or the website at your discretion.  Of course, we are always available to help print items or research if needed.

The goal of our company is to facilitate the traditionally manual method of payments processing for any size bank or business. Lockbox Services LLC affordably offers all the above services to you without the need for additional staff or equipment on your part. Let us show you how easy lockbox can be!  

 I am a Certified Medical Assistant specializing in business office operations.  Before moving to Ohio in 1986 I lived in California where I was employed by a Cardiologist group in Irvine. My duties for this office included billing and accounts receivable. While living in California I also had the opportunity to work closely with programmers at NCR & Burroughs to develop and test automated billing systems. 

In 1996, I began at Mid-Am (Bowling Green, OH) in the Account Research and Corrections department until the bank became Sky Bank and the lockbox department was started. In 1998 I helped to start the banks first lockbox service. Having over 11 years of banking industry experience I have worked in many facets of the bank: Research Department (2 years), Lockbox (6 years) and Account Services (3 years). The combination of all of these opportunities in exploring the banking industry have allowed me to focus on the aspect that I enjoy most; Lockbox.  

For Sky Bank, I managed and ran their lockbox department for a total of six years. In that time the department grew from myself, to three full time and four part time personnel.  The customer base that started at just 15 grew to over 100 customers.  My duties included writing the procedures manual, over seeing all daily work from start to finish, training staff, and all the while still processing work myself. 

Sky Bank like any bank was constantly expanding and moving departments which allowed me to change and progress with the bank. It wasn’t until the bank was bought and the lockbox department moved to another location that I decided to make lockbox services my sole focus. Lockbox Services LLC is the company I created to allow a business to be relieved of the very manual process of opening, sorting and processing mail.