Bank Advantages of Utilizing Lockbox Services LLC:


​Lockbox Services LLC is a service providing faster, more efficient processing of your customers’ remittance payments. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

•You won’t have to hire, train or pay
wages for additional personnel
• Frees up employees and their hours to
focus on other projects
• Payments are picked up and
processed daily and the file transmitted
to you ready for deposit
• Our system has the flexibility to
accept any of your customer’s
remittance documents: Barcode,
MICR, OCR or Full Page Documents

​• Improve access to customer payment
information with detailed reporting
• We do the work you collect the fees

​Bank Advantages of Utilizing Lockbox Services LLC:

• Your customers can view check and remittance images, reports, and data files via a safe and secure Website

• Transaction images can also
be put on a CD or DVD for archiving and research purposes
• No paper retention of lockbox items for your bank
• Your Items Processing department will no longer have to proof lockbox items
• Prompt availability of funds allows more earning potential for your business
• Deposits will be transmitted in Check 21 format to you via an electronic file, ready to go to the Federal Reserve

Here are some ways that lockbox services LLC can help you:

  1. Excellent Sales and Marketing Tool
  2. Convenient to You and Your Customers
  3. Source of Unlimited Growth and Income
  4. No Equipment Purchase Necessary
  5. No Additional Work for Items Processing
  6. Low Cost
  7. Daily Electronic Deposits in Check 21 Format
  8. Ability to Compete with Larger Banks