Business Advantages

Lockbox Services LLC


Lockbox Services LLC  is a service  providing faster, more efficient processing of your customers’ remittance payments. Here are some of the ways we can help you:


How much time are these steps taking you?

  1. Pick up the mail at the Post Office
  2. Open envelopes
  3. Separate and sort checks and coupons
  4. Post payments
  5. Reconcile payments with invoices
  6. Endorse checks
  7. Create deposit slips
  8. Take deposits to the bank

• Reduce time spent receiving and depositing customer payments
• Reduce cost of processing payments
• Improve access to customerpayment information with detailed reporting
• Speed availability of funds
• Reduce or eliminate paper retention
• Instead of mailing monthly payments directly to you, the payments will be mailed to a dedicated Post Office Box
• Payments are picked up and processed daily and the checks are electronically deposited into your bank account
• Prompt availability of funds allows more earning potential for your business
• Checks, remittance images, reports, and data 

files are available to you via a safe and secure Website

• Transaction images can also be put on a CD or DVD for archiving and research purposes
• Remittances ranging from check only to fully encoded payment coupons can be processed with the automated system, eliminating manual data entry and photocopying of checks, reducing human error
• Deposits will be transmitted in Check 21 format to your bank via an electronic file, ready to go to the Federal Reserve
• Free up employees and their hours to
focus on other projects